For Hong Kong Records VIP member, please follow instruction below for first login.

VIP Member First Login Instruction

VIP Member WITH email address on file with Hong Kong Records
  • An Online Member Account is created and a pre-set password is emailed to you for your first login;
  • Login through Members Login Box or click “ My Account” located on the upper left hand corner of our homepage;
  • Use email address provided to Hong Kong Records to login ;
  • Use pre-set password as Password or obtain password again by clicking“ Forget Password”;
  • Update personal information in “ My Profile” and click “ submit” to complete Online Member registration for Online Shopping ;
  • Change password, if required, after complete registration.

VIP member DO NOT HAVE email address on file with Hong Kong Records
  • Please proceed to a Hong Kong Records shop with your VIP member card for our verification and to update us your email address. Thereafter we will create an Online Member Account for you and email you a password for your first login.

Please Note:
  • If an additional account is created for online shopping prior to successful VIP Online Member registration or status verification, no VIP member privileges including but not limited to member discount will be extended to this additional online account.
  • For registration enquiry, please call 2265 7890 Monday to Friday (office hour)


  • 我們已為閣下建立了一個網上帳戶並已電郵預設密碼給閣下作為首次登入之用;
  • 請於「會員登入」或本網頁左上方的「我的帳戶」 登入;
  • 在「登入電郵」輸入閣下提供給香港唱片的電郵地址;
  • 在「密碼」輸入香港唱片給予已預設的密碼或點擊「忘記密碼」;
  • 在「我的資料」內填上您的個人資料並點擊「提交」完成網上會員登記作網上購物;
  • 完成登記後,如有需要,可隨時更改密碼。

  • 如閣下沒有提供電郵地址給我們,請擕同您的VIP金咭前往香港唱片分店核實資料並提供電郵地址以便我們為閣下建立一個網上帳戶及電郵預設密碼給閣下作為首次登入之用。

  • 若未能成功完成網上會員登記或核實VIP會員身份前,在網上建立了多一個帳戶進行網上訂購,則該帳戶均不能享有VIP會員優惠,包括VIP會員折扣。
  • 如有任何關於網上會員登記事宜,請於星期一至五辦公時間內致電2265 7890查詢。

Privacy Policy Statement

Hong Kong Record Limited (“Hong Kong Records”)

A. Statement

We respect the privacy of our customers and will treat the personal information (“Data”) you provide as strictly confidential. This privacy policy statement outlines what information we collect, when and where we are likely to collect it, and how we maintain the information.

B. Data We Collect

The types of personally identifiable information that we collect may include, but is not limited to:

1. Name
2. Email address
3. Telephone and Mobile Number
4. Correspondence address
5. Credit Card information
6. Occupation and Work Location
7. Lifestyle information such as movie or music preferences
8. Other information which can be used to verify your identity

We may also collect non-personally identifiable information about you, such as your use of our website, communication preferences, and responses to promotional offers and surveys.

Please note that your Hong Kong Identification Card or Passport information will only be used for identity verification purposes and WILL NOT be collected or stored.

C. When we are likely to collect information

We may request that you provide Data in one of our shop locations or online through different areas of our website. This information may include, but is not limited to, when you:
1. Register as a Hong Kong Records VIP Member;
2. Visit one of our shops and reserve or pre-order an item, or sign up for a lucky draw or other promotional contest;
3. Subscribe to our e-newsletter or create a member account on our website;
4. Respond to other forms of communication such as surveys, promotional materials, and reservation confirmations;
5. Complete a job application with our Company.

D. Purposes for Collection and Disclosure

The Data you provide may be collected and used by Hong Kong Records for one or more of the following purposes:

1. To provide services such as processing a transaction (e.g. purchasing a product, or fulfilling a request for product information);
2. For marketing purposes, to keep you informed of notices and updates relating to our latest events, announcements, and promotions, including joint and cross promotions with our business partners;
3. Performing market research via surveys, advertising campaigns, and/or promotional activities to
   i. better serve your needs,
   ii. improve the effectiveness of our website,
   iii. enhance your shopping experience;
4. For identification and verification purposes;
5. For communicating with you by email, mail, fax, telephone or other means;
6. When required or authorized by or under any law or any court order or any law enforcement agent or authority or any other government authorized organization or body to disclose the information;
7. Disclosing any of the Data to any third party either in Hong Kong or overseas if the disclosure is necessary for or directly related to any of the above purposes; and
8. For any other incidental or associated purposes relating to the above and any other purpose which a customer may from time to time agree.

Your personal information is never traded, sold or leased to any non-affiliated external companies. Use of services provided by social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Sina Weibo, Youtube, etc.) are governed by their respective Privacy Policies. Please refer to them for further information.

E. Data Security

To safeguard your personal data, all electronic storage and transmission of personal data are secured with the appropriate technologies. Hong Kong Records endeavours to reasonably protect personal information from loss and alteration. Only authorized Hong Kong Records employees have access to your personal information.

F. Use of Cookies

The use of Cookies is an industry standard. Like other websites, Hong Kong Records uses Cookies to help strengthen the communication between users and the website. Cookies do not enable the website to identify users personally. Your first visit to the website may trigger the use of Cookies. For your information, Cookies are pieces of information that the website transfers to your computer's hard drive. They serve as record-keeping mechanisms that help us avoid sending users duplicate information and advertisement. You may refuse to receive all Cookies or delete selected Cookies by modifying the relevant Internet options or browsing preferences of your computer system.

G. Other Websites

In order to anticipate your needs, this website may contain links to third party websites that are operated under different privacy practices.

All such websites are independent from this website and Hong Kong Records have no control over the contents of such websites or their privacy policies or compliance with the law. We have no responsibility or liability for the practices, policies and security measures implemented by third parties on their websites. For the sake of protecting your personal data, we strongly recommend that you contact them regarding their privacy practices, policies and security measures before disclosing any personally identifiable information.

H. Contact Us

You are entitled to access, correct or update your Data held by us at anytime. If you wish to obtain a copy of your Data or make corrections to it, please send your request to:

1. Hong Kong Record Limited
Unit 606, Star House,
No. 3 Salisbury Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong



If you do not wish to receive any promotional material from us, please send your request by mail to the same address mentioned above or email to

I. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

This Privacy Policy Statement shall be governed and construed in all respects by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and any difference or dispute arising out of or in connection with this Privacy Statement in any respect shall be submitted to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts/Tribunals of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for adjudication.

J. Amendments to the Privacy Policy Statement

Hong Kong Records reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy Statement at anytime. You are responsible for reviewing our Privacy Policy before using the website(s), any related service(s), or providing personal information. Continued use of this website implies understanding and consent of the current Privacy Policy.



A. 聲明

我們尊重所有客戶的私隱,並會絕對保密您所提供的個人資料。本私隱政策聲明 列明我們怎樣收集及保管個人的資料。

B. 資料收集


1. 姓名
2. 電郵地址
3. 住宅 / 手提電話號碼
4. 通訊地址
5. 信用卡資料
6. 職業及工作地點
7. 個人喜好,例如喜歡的電影或音樂類型
8. 其他可識別個人身份的資料


請注意我們是不會收集或儲存個人的香港身份證明文件或護照資料的, 您所提供的香港身份證明文件或護照資料只會用作確認身份的用途。

C. 什麼時侯會收集個人資料

我們會在 ,不限於下列的情況下,於分店或網站,要求您提供個人資料﹕
1. 登記成為香港唱片VIP會員;
2. 於我們任何一間分店預留或預購貨品、參與幸運抽獎或其他推廣活動;
3. 於我們的網站登記收取我們的資訊電郵;
4. 與我們於不同的渠道上作出互動,如問卷調查、推廣活動、預購貨品的確認等;
5. 申請香港唱片的職位。

D. 收集和使用個人資料的目的


1. 提供服務及處理交易(例如:購買貨品、索取貨品資料);
2. 進行營銷活動,例如向您提供最新推廣優惠或推廣活動的資料,包括與業務夥伴共同進行的推廣活動;
3. 通過問卷調查、廣告或推廣活動進行市場研究,並以此來:
   i. 提供更加能滿足您需求的服務;
   ii. 提高本公司網站的實用性;
   iii. 提升購物體驗。
4. 識別和核實身份;
5. 以不同的方法 (如電郵、書信、傳真、電話等) 與您聯繫;
6. 就任何法例、法庭頒令、任何執法機關或部門、任何政府機構、組織或團體的要求或授權披露該等資料;
7. 在上述任何目的需要時或與上述目的直接相關的情況下,於香港或海外向任何第三方披露該資料;和
8. 在您的同意下,上述任何目的需要時或與上述目的直接相關的情況下的任何其他目的。


E. 資料保安


F. 曲奇檔案

本公司與大部份互聯網網站一樣,均採用曲奇檔案(Cookies)以加強用戶與本網站之溝通,但本公司並不能利用曲奇檔案以任何方法作用戶個人識別。曲奇檔案 乃一特別編號於用戶第一次瀏覽本網址時提供予該用戶,此特別編號將被儲存於用戶電腦中,曲奇檔案可協助本公司減少用戶看見同一廣告及重覆傳送有關資訊予用戶,同時不會硬性規定本公司向用戶傳送某一廣告或資訊內容。您可以選擇放棄收取或人手刪除曲奇檔案,詳情請參閱用戶所使用的瀏覽器提供的說明文件。

G. 外部連結



H. 聯絡我們


1. 香港唱片有限公司

2. 電郵至

若您希望停止接收我們的資訊,請以書面方式郵寄到上述的地址,或電郵至 通知我們。

I. 適用法例和司法管轄權


J. 修訂或更新私隱聲明


(Updated on 10/3/2017)