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International Pop 國際流行音樂
  • CD
  • HK$125.00
  • Release Date 推出日期: 2018-05-11
  • Category 類別: International Pop
  • Label/Publisher 出版商: Warner Music
  • Product Code 產品編號: A286601
  • HKR code: 884581
This highly anticipated album, which has been written and produced by Puth, features the current smash hit ‘Done For Me ft. Kehlani’, the ARIA Platinum single ‘How Long’ & the ARIA 3x platinum single ‘Attention’, which has amassed an incredible 665 million Spotify streams alongside the official music video that racked up over 3 million views in under 24 hours and has become his highest performing solo video to date, reaching nearly 734 million views.

New Jersey-born Puth catapulted to superstardom in 2016 at light speed as a songwriter, producer and vocalist on the ARIA 7 x Platinum track See You Again, the emotional tribute to Paul Walker in FURIOUS 7. The song has officially entered the history books as one of the decade’s biggest singles, topping the ARIA singles chart and the US Billboard’s Hot 100 for a stunning 12 weeks and has become YouTube’s “second most popular video of all-time” with 2.1 billion-plus views.

他隨手筆記 都是流行奇蹟!
葛萊美3度提名榮耀 告示牌音樂獎雙冠喝采

*雙單曲「Attention」、「How Long」已率先在台創下白金銷售紀錄!
*傳奇創作巨星James Taylor、美聲天團Boyz II Men、酷娃女伶Kehlani分別獻聲話題曲「Change」、「If You Leave Me Now」、「Done For Me」!

Track Listing:

1.The Way I Am
3.LA Girls
4.How Long
5.Done For Me (feat. Kehlani)
7.If You Leave Me Now (feat. Boyz II Men)
9.Show It Down
10.Change (feat. James Taylor)
11.Somebody Told Me
12.Empty Cups
13.Through It All