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VIP Member First Login Instruction

VIP Member WITH email address on file with Hong Kong Records
  • An Online Member Account is created and a pre-set password is emailed to you for your first login;
  • Login through Members Login Box or click “ My Account” located on the upper left hand corner of our homepage;
  • Use email address provided to Hong Kong Records to login ;
  • Use pre-set password as Password or obtain password again by clicking“ Forget Password”;
  • Update personal information in “ My Profile” and click “ submit” to complete Online Member registration for Online Shopping ;
  • Change password, if required, after complete registration.

VIP member DO NOT HAVE email address on file with Hong Kong Records
  • Please proceed to a Hong Kong Records shop with your VIP member card for our verification and to update us your email address. Thereafter we will create an Online Member Account for you and email you a password for your first login.

Please Note:
  • If an additional account is created for online shopping prior to successful VIP Online Member registration or status verification, no VIP member privileges including but not limited to member discount will be extended to this additional online account.
  • For registration enquiry, please call 2265 7890 Monday to Friday (office hour)


  • 我們已為閣下建立了一個網上帳戶並已電郵預設密碼給閣下作為首次登入之用;
  • 請於「會員登入」或本網頁左上方的「我的帳戶」 登入;
  • 在「登入電郵」輸入閣下提供給香港唱片的電郵地址;
  • 在「密碼」輸入香港唱片給予已預設的密碼或點擊「忘記密碼」;
  • 在「我的資料」內填上您的個人資料並點擊「提交」完成網上會員登記作網上購物;
  • 完成登記後,如有需要,可隨時更改密碼。

  • 如閣下沒有提供電郵地址給我們,請擕同您的VIP金咭前往香港唱片分店核實資料並提供電郵地址以便我們為閣下建立一個網上帳戶及電郵預設密碼給閣下作為首次登入之用。

  • 若未能成功完成網上會員登記或核實VIP會員身份前,在網上建立了多一個帳戶進行網上訂購,則該帳戶均不能享有VIP會員優惠,包括VIP會員折扣。
  • 如有任何關於網上會員登記事宜,請於星期一至五辦公時間內致電2265 7890查詢。
Welcome to Hong Kong Records, one of Hong Kong's most established entertainment retailers. Hong Kong Records is unique and one-of-a-kind; we carry both new release titles and full range of back catalogue items in every shop. With over 200,000 items, we have a wide variety of audio and video multimedia products, ranging from Classical to Pop music, audiophile discs, vinyl and Blu-ray movies, Hong Kong Records has it all. In addition to mainstream music and movies products, we also bring you the latest top of the trend must have items including video game consoles, game softwares and accessories, headphones as well as other audio and video accessories , movie action figurines, magazines and concert tickets. Our courteous and professionally trained staff will also assist you with product enquires including recommendations and placing special request orders.

In promoting entertaining and informative cultural events, Hong Kong Records continuously hosts autograph signing sessions and mini concert performances with some of the hottest music stars from Hong Kong and around the world. In addition, Hong Kong Records also participates in exhibitions and concerts, giving Hong Kong Records customers a chance at being part of what makes Hong Kong so special.

Hong Kong Records offers a well curated collection from all our product categories as well as a specially dedicated room for Classical and Jazz music lovers.

With an enduring passion and total commitment to quality customer service, Hong Kong Records creates an excellent shopping experience where you can come explore and enjoy.

Visit our website and you will find up to the minute new releases, hottest promotions including upcoming pre-orders, quiz games, premium give away, recommendations, special discounts and promotion offers for our VIP gold card members. Just a few quick easy steps to register as a Hong Kong Records Onliner and enjoy our online shopping service 24/7. With our online platform, we hope to bring you a faster and more intimate service.

歡迎光臨香港唱片。香港唱片乃本港音樂及影視產品規模至大及至齊全的專門店,光碟數量超過200,000張,是現時香港獨一無二,唯一於每分店都齊集有最新推出及精選目錄的地方。從古典音樂到流行音樂、發燒及黑膠唱片到藍光影碟,香港唱片均一應俱全。除了主流的音樂及電影外,我們更提供其他多元化潮流產品,包括電子遊戲機、軟件及配件, 耳機及影音配件、電影角色模型,時尚雜誌及演唱會門票。除推介最新影音及精選碟外, 更會定時推介古典音樂精選,介紹每月焦點及珍藏。店內專業有禮的職員也隨時樂意為顧客尋找、推薦及訂購心目中的理想貨品。